Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Garden Angel a Collage Mixed Media Painting 11x14"

Here is my latest painting this is a collage mixed media painting
I used acrylic paints, artists pencils, oil pastels, collage papers.

I actually printed out a vintage clip art from my collection of some flowers and a butterfly
and printed it on archive quality acid free paper.

To make it seam more natural I painted over some petals of the flowers
it gave it a sort of 3D look I then painted similiar flowers on opposite corner

I then applied an antique stain wash and then sealed with kamar varnish came out really nice!

My painting is titled:
"The Garden Angel"

She observes the flowers and beholds their beauty
She lives right here in the garden.

Butterfly's home is were the flower's bloom
were the sun shines down on the garden.

When a flower wilts she handles it with care
and mends their stems she is the angel of the garden.

As mothers we love and tend to are children with care
and behold how beautiful they are and the wonderful things
they do.
Some times we have to handle with care and help mend their brokeness
and help them pick up their heads and look up again.

Are suroundings are like a garden we are like angels to are children
they need us even when they don't think so!

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