Thursday, May 29, 2008

Folk Art Chamorita Girl Lattestone Garden Based on My Chamorro Culture

Acrylic Collage Painting

Folk art primitive painting based on my chamorro cultural background as you can see there are lattestone pillars three of them. In fact my ancestor's build houses on top of these I collaged rare or extinct bird's of Guam they are the Chichirika bird on top of the lattestone on the left and the Ko'Ko Bird he is behind the leaf of the vine on top of the lattestone to the right. Chamorita girl wears a plumeria lei with a lattestone pendent around her neck she holds a coconut weaved fan in her hand this painting is very warm in colors I was impressed with my finished work painting is up for auction on eBay 10% of the sales will go to World Wild Life Fund.


Heather said...

she's very pretty, love the colors! perfect painting for summer :)

GumballGrenade said...

Just saw you little art doll project on youtube! They are too cute! Lovely work!