Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mini Mermaids and Primitive Angels

Sirena's friends wait for her to transform into a mermaid
so that they can all play together under the sea.
5"x7" Acrylic Painting

Mini Mermaid Water Bubbles
4"x4" Acrylic Painting

Mini Mermaid Little Red Fishes
4"x4" Acrylic Painting

Mini Mermaid Little Blue Fishes
4"x4" Acrylic Painting

Angel Roses Bouquet
5"x7" Acrylic Collage Painting

Over the Clouds
7"x5" Acrylic Painting


mystele said...

oh my goodness...these are fantastic! i'm glad we found each other! His richest blessings to you!

Ikon Wearable Art said...

Hello Jennifer, may I let you know that your work is just so beautiful, it is beyond words :) Glorious. I am a jewellery maker launching an exciting collection to my Australian and NZ retailers, boutiques and Art Galleries. I would love to talk with you regarding licensing your art, I am working with a few artists to feature their work and I can supply the jewels for your own galleries and exhibitions. Please email me, Lisa at Have a beautiful and blessed day and thank you for bringing such joyful work into the world :)

Lisa Engeman said...

Hello Jen

It's Lisa from Ikon Wearable Art here again! I would love you to visit my website, to see the beautiful jewellery I am creating with selected artists. It is now retailing nationally in Australia and New Zealand, and will soon be distributed in America. I would love to discuss the opportunity to create a collection together. I hope to hear from you, as I am unable to find an email to reach you directly, my email is , Blessings Lisa