Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring is Calling Me Out!

Before heading down the trail I got a chance to take a photograph of a striker vehicle they were so ready when they saw me with my camera and tripod. They had an event down here in celebration of the return of soldiers from deployment. Aah! life here on Fort Lewis is for the most part secure, peaceful and quit. People down here on post like nature walks, fishing, boating and camping I wonder what else I could discover.

Me and my family decided to take a walk down by the lake here on North Fort Lewis. It was a change of scenery for us as we are taking more outings now that the weather is warmer. This is me looking up at a pine tree above it was a beautiful view looking out at the lake walking along the trail.

I took a photo of some dandelions along the trail I know their just weeds but sometimes when spring time is around they kinda perk me up with all their puffy fuzzy white heads along the ground, not good for the allergies though.

Here is my son Tobey he had a chance to blow some dandelions he really had fun along the nature trail. I just told him not to pull some leaves because I didn't know if there was poison oak, ivy or sumac in the area. He was so filled with adventure to explore what was around him and examine nature along the way.

This view was therapeutic for me just getting outdoors took me to places that brings the goodness of nature around me and the colors of flowers just popping out among the greenery. This was actually my first nature walk with my family since we have been here on Fort Lewis. I love spring time here and summer it makes up for all the cold and gloomy rainy weather here in Washington. Seeing colors come alive and make it's way into another cycle of life through trees, flowers, greenery and the birds singing like as if I was watching a painting come to life I so happen to witness a great happening each spring here.

My Thoughts:
I am surrounded by his beauty
God is colorful and glorious!


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Happy mother's day!
Adri :)

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